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God's Word Changes Lives

Nowhere is the impact of sharing God's Word more clearly illustrated than in the testimonies of changed lives that we receive almost daily. We hope you are inspired by these testimonies of lives changed through Gideon-placed Bibles and New Testaments.

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Fill My Empty Heart

By: The Gideons in the Philippines

A man who can sow terror would receive more attention and respect. That was what Pastor Ramon Lara thought as he grew up and lived where tough guys ruled and prevailed. He thought that the worse person you were, the more popular you would become and be respected. At the age of 10, he began smoking cigarettes. At 15 he was already a drunkard and a marijuana user. When he reached college, he was already a member of a fraternity. He started selling marijuana in school and his only notebook had a knife inside. His friends told him that his words were always associated with bad words and was never without them.


He always thought that life would be easy as long as he had friends and vices that

When God Turned Sadness into Gladness

By: The Gideons in the Philippines

Carlos grew up without a father. He was living with his mother who got so engrossed with business that he was left alone to play with little kids. Since he was small in stature, bigger boys used to bully him, and that made him a tough kid in town. He grew up deciding for himself, built his own dreams, and set up goals for his own fulfillment that he sought a job away from home. Leaving alone was a life of struggle, but he managed to live and got married.


As he started his married life, his second child became so sickly, adding to the pain of having a failed business. He experienced times of crisis and hopelessness, but that situation opened a way for his conversion to Christ.

Rolling Paper

By: The Gideons in the Philippines

His first encounter with the Gideons was way back in 1987 when a group of men were distributing New Testaments at their university in Digos. He got hold of a blue Testament because at that time he was in dire need of a rolling paper. Without wasting anytime, he tore a leaf from the Testament and used it for marijuana smoking. He brought it home with a thought that he might still have future use for some of its pages.


One day, his friend decided to follow a group of ladies who were about to attend some kind of gathering. Attracted to the idea of meeting some girls, they went to the meeting just to find out it was a Christian study and fellowship group. Boy Baylon had no

He Cried Out For God To Save Him

By: The Gideons in the Philippines

Growing up in a rowdy environment, Herbie had learned to live as a drug dealer and user as well. He even became a gang dealer at the age of 21. However, his gang was busted by the police and so he turned to become a taxi driver. Like many others, Herbie overcharged foreign customers whenever he felt he could get away with it.


One day, a friend showed him a New Testament he had received from The Gideons during a college distribution. Learning that the Testament was written in English, he borrowed it from his friend thinking that he could learn more by reading it and cheat Americans easily. He began reading the Testament, but he was unprepared for the consequences. He not only learned English, but he also

God Knows, God Feels, God Sees

By: The Gideons in the Philippines

Pastor Vince Castilla was once a member of a group called “Pitong Gatang”. His group did nothing but loitered and caused trouble. They were involved in many fights and were even fired upon the policeman. Luckily, he never received any single shot.


One day, Vince became overdosed with drugs that his body went numb. He could hardly breathe and was just hearing the slow but loud beats of his heart. He fell down the floor several times and saw the air dancing, the walls and roads moving. His entire gullet was so dehydrated and he was rushed to the hospital, but he was secretly taken out from the hospital by his gang for fear of investigation and never came back for any treatment.


Vince had a serious nervous

The Red Testament Saved My Life

By: The Gideons in the Philippines

Pastor Oscar Modesto grew up in Angeles City. When he was a child his dream was to become a priest. His mother raised him up and brought him regularly to church. But in spite of this, Oscar joined fraternities, gangs, and indulged in cigars, liquors and drugs by the age of 14.


His life became even more of a mess when his mother passed away. He joined a rock group only to be an alcoholic, chain smoker and drug addict. To support his vices, he and his members were robbing wealthy Chinese businessmen in that city. Fearing for his life because his gang mates were getting arrested and tortured by policemen, he got married and eventually had three kids. Then he worked in a furniture shop but was still

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