When God Turned Sadness into Gladness

Carlos grew up without a father. He was living with his mother who got so engrossed with business that he was left alone to play with little kids. Since he was small in stature, bigger boys used to bully him, and that made him a tough kid in town. He grew up deciding for himself, built his own dreams, and set up goals for his own fulfillment that he sought a job away from home. Leaving alone was a life of struggle, but he managed to live and got married.


As he started his married life, his second child became so sickly, adding to the pain of having a failed business. He experienced times of crisis and hopelessness, but that situation opened a way for his conversion to Christ.


It happened in a hospital bedside with a Bible marked “Property of The Gideons International”. In such a lonely hour beside the bed of his son that Carlos first read a New Testament Bible. It was just to have something to do while looking after his son who was hospitalized due to fever. But something miraculous happened. That moment was the beginning of a life committed to the Savior and Creator of all men. At first, the readings created in him a sense of curiosity that made him continue until he finished reading the whole New Testament. A spiritual hunger was produced in his heart that he longed to know more about Jesus. There were plenty of questions in mind, so hungry with spiritual food, but God is gracious that He sent a man to teach him and his family about spiritual truths.


Right now, Carlos is continuously serving the Lord as a Pastor of a Baptist Church in Tagbilaran, Bohol. Praise the Lord!


–      Carlos Villaruz, Bohol


Edited by The Gideons International in the Philippines