Rolling Paper

His first encounter with the Gideons was way back in 1987 when a group of men were distributing New Testaments at their university in Digos. He got hold of a blue Testament because at that time he was in dire need of a rolling paper. Without wasting anytime, he tore a leaf from the Testament and used it for marijuana smoking. He brought it home with a thought that he might still have future use for some of its pages.


One day, his friend decided to follow a group of ladies who were about to attend some kind of gathering. Attracted to the idea of meeting some girls, they went to the meeting just to find out it was a Christian study and fellowship group. Boy Baylon had no idea that after that night, he was going to be a changed man. An altar call was made, and he was one of those who accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour.


A few days later, he went back to his old life of drinking and going out with old friends until one day, with no apparent reason, he remembered the Testament given to him by The Gideons. He rushed back to his house to look for his Testament. When he found it he prayed to God and asked that He would speak to him and as he opened the Testament, his eyes gravitated to Luke 6:46 “But why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do the things which I say?” Soon after that, he committed to change his life for the Lord and began attending regularly at an Evangelical church in Digos City. Bro. Boy Baylon became a member of The Gideons and is now already an ordained Pastor in Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur.


– Florencio “Boy” Baylon, Digos City

Edited by The Gideons International in the Philippines