He Cried Out For God To Save Him

Growing up in a rowdy environment, Herbie had learned to live as a drug dealer and user as well. He even became a gang dealer at the age of 21. However, his gang was busted by the police and so he turned to become a taxi driver. Like many others, Herbie overcharged foreign customers whenever he felt he could get away with it.


One day, a friend showed him a New Testament he had received from The Gideons during a college distribution. Learning that the Testament was written in English, he borrowed it from his friend thinking that he could learn more by reading it and cheat Americans easily. He began reading the Testament, but he was unprepared for the consequences. He not only learned English, but he also learned that he was a lost sinner. One day while he was walking alone along the ocean beach, he cried aloud to God, “Lord, save me and take away my drinking habit.” The Lord then in His great mercy granted his request. Herbie was counselled by a pastor and within two years he was doing pastoral work through his church.


Herbie who once meant only to do harm to those around him, is now helping to train Christian leaders who can make a difference in his country.


– Herbert Carmona, Manila

Edited by The Gideons International in the Philippines