God Knows, God Feels, God Sees

Pastor Vince Castilla was once a member of a group called “Pitong Gatang”. His group did nothing but loitered and caused trouble. They were involved in many fights and were even fired upon the policeman. Luckily, he never received any single shot.


One day, Vince became overdosed with drugs that his body went numb. He could hardly breathe and was just hearing the slow but loud beats of his heart. He fell down the floor several times and saw the air dancing, the walls and roads moving. His entire gullet was so dehydrated and he was rushed to the hospital, but he was secretly taken out from the hospital by his gang for fear of investigation and never came back for any treatment.


Vince had a serious nervous breakdown, heart and lung ailments due to overdose in marijuana. In 5 years, he hardly got to sleep as he was hearing a voice that he’ll die. Due to his worsening condition, his family brought him to their hometown. He never got out of his room and even feared seeing the rays of the sun. Every day, he was into a horrible anguish due to the illness. He became tired of his life and wished to put an end to it.


Out of desperation, he decided to attend a small mass in a chapel near their place though it was hard for him to get out of his room. A priest he knew then gave him a pocket-size Gideon Testament. When he received it, he felt a strong urge and excitement to know its message. Every time he was attacked by his illness, Vince would read the New Testament and soon finds peace and comfort.


One day while Vince was gasping with breath and certainly felt that it was the end of his life, he remembered God’s Word to him that He will never leave him nor forsake him. At that very moment, Vince confessed all his sins and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Along with the gift of salvation was his most awaited miracle, God healed him even without the help of a medical doctor.


Since then, he continuously fell in love with Jesus and his love keeps deeper and deeper every day.


– Vince Castilla, Pangasinan

Edited by The Gideons International in the Philippines