Faith in the Philippines

I recently had trouble renewing the security software on my computer. I had no choice but to enlist technical support on the phone. As the program was downloading, I began a conversation with the woman on the other end of the line. Her name was Faith, and she was located in the Philippines. I told her the Philippines was one of my favorite countries. When she asked why, I explained how, in January 2011, twenty-three Gideon men from nine countries met with Filipino Gideons to hand out 1.6 million Scriptures; the most Scriptures distributed in a two-week period in the history of The Gideons International.


Her reply took me by surprise. “I was in college at that time, and I received one of those New Testaments,” she said.“It changed my life.” I was in awe. I proceeded to tell her we now provide a free Bible App for smart phones, tablets, and computers. She said she would like to have the entire Bible on her phone, so I walked her through the process of downloading the App. I then explained how to transfer the App from her phone to her friends’ phones, and she confirmed they would all have it very soon.


– David Lancaster, Raleigh East Camp, North Carolina


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