World War II has ended, Manila was rising from complete devastation of its structures due to the bitter fighting between the allied forces and the Japanese. Meanwhile, “What shall we do now?” was the question that was uppermost in the minds of the Christian GI’s after they learned that their time at the Quiogue Mortuary (where they held Bible study fellowships) would be terminated soon. Army Chaplain, Russell Honeywell noticed that he still had several numbers of boxes of Gideon Service Testaments. These were leftover from the Testaments he was giving out to the American soldiers. He thought of gathering Christians he got acquainted with to help him hand those Testaments to the Filipinos, one of these men whom he asked to help is Paul Sycip. These men eventually became the nucleus of the first Gideon Camp, Manila No. 1. And in 1953, the Philippines became the 15th Gideon country since the ministry began in 1899.

Bro. Paul Sycip and the rest of the members of the Manila No. 1 Camp, like our forefathers in the ministry, moved by faith. Faith is the conviction that God wants to see something accomplished. When that is settled, the way He wants to do it may take many forms. It may please Him to perform a miracle, or He may ask us to get in there and work to bring it to pass. We can be sure that God will supply our need, in one way or another even in the throes of war. One leap of faith builds confidence for the next. God sent men and women of faith and courage to help lay the foundation of what He has in store for The Gideon Ministry.

Jan 23

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